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4th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications

E: Applications

Section Chair:
Dr. Thomas B. Messervey, CEO and Co-Founder, Research to Market Solution s.r.l., Italy

List of Accepted Abstracts (15)
A 3D Visual Attention Model to Guide Tactile Data Acquisition for Object Recognition
Integration of Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks in Academic School Gardens
Observability and Performance Analysis of Velocity Measurements with Lever Arm Aided INS
Real-Time Audio Event Detection for Surveillance in Remote Monitoring
Automatic Task Selection from Targets Recognition for Swarm Mobile Robots with Specialized Agents
Hyperspectral survey method to detect the titanium dioxide percentage in the coatings applied to the Cultural Heritage
Underwater communication using acoustic parametric arrays
Applications of Piezo Sensors: A Review
Combining Water Indices for Water and Background Threshold in Landsat Image
Evaluation of the Real-time Hand Motion using 3-D Printed Goniometric Sensor
Influence of particle size in the characterization of street dust by proximal soil sensing
Long Term Multi-robot Mapping in Structured Indoor Environments
Optimal Robot Path Selection Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process
Performance evaluation of microtubular solid oxide fuel cell prototypes at a laboratory scale and identification of requirements for gas sensors
Planar localization of radio-frequency or acoustic sources with two receivers