About the Forum

The World Sustainability Forum (WSF) is an annual sustainability conference organized by MDPI. Held for the first time in 2011, the forum covers research in many areas relating to sustainability and sustainable development, including:
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Economical Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability
  • Renewable Energy Self-Sustainability
  • Energy Return-on-Investment
  • Governance and Sustainability
  • Sustainability Assessment and Policies
  • Remote Sensing for Sustainable Management of Land and Biodiversity
The forum aims to be a platform for researchers to present and engage with research-relevant stakeholders on issues relating to sustainability. We seek to contribute to policy-relevant, change-oriented, and transdisciplinary research from, and collaboration with science and technology, the life sciences, and the social sciences.
There have been six World Sustainability Forums held so far, all sponsored by MDPI and MDPI’s electronic journal Sustainability. The first four World Sustainability Forums were held electronically on MDPI’s conference platform, Sciforum. The 5th World Sustainability Forum, held at the beginning of September 2015, was the first forum held in a physical location at the ZLF (Zentrum für Lehre und Forschung—Center for Education and Research) and under the patronage of the University of Basel, Switzerland. The 6th World Sustainability Forum (WSF6) has been held in January 2017 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Local Forums

The WSF local forums are local, physical, one-day conferences organized by MDPI and local partners. Similar to the World Sustainability Forum, the WSF local forums are dedicated to expanding knowledge of sustainability in all its facets and seek to contribute to policy-relevant, change-oriented, and transdisciplinary research and collaboration between science and technology, the life sciences, and the social sciences. Specifically, the WSF local forums aim to provide researchers, stakeholders, as well as the general public with a local platform for exchange on a designated issue relating to sustainability.
The first WSF local forum, the 1st Basel Sustainability Forum: Energy, was held on 14 October 2016 in Basel, Switzerland, and was co-organized by the University of Basel and MDPI. It focused on the relations between energy and sustainability and aimed to sensitize an interested general public to new developments regarding energy transfer from scientific, consumer, and business perspectives.
The second WSF local forum, the 2nd Basel Sustainability Forum focused on sustainable mobility — a key topic in an ever more dynamic world. Again, a co-production of the University of Basel and MDPI, the 2nd Basel Sustainability Forum: Mobility was held on Friday, 15 September 2017, at the 'Alte Universität', Rheinsprung 9/11, University of Basel.

Electronic Forums

The WSF electronic forums aim to complement MDPI’s event series on sustainability with a digital format. Like the other forums, the aim of the WSF electronic forums is to foster the expansion of knowledge of sustainability in all its facets. By providing researchers with a digital platform for academic conversation on a particular issue regarding sustainability over the course of several weeks, the WSF electronic forums achieve a foundation for unhurried, intensive and sustainable exchange—at the participants’ schedule convenience. Furthermore, as an alternative to physical the WSF electronic forums avoid aviatic CO2 emissions and thus facilitate a new mode of scholarly exchange that is compatible with a sustainable future.
Details on upcoming WSF electronic forums will be announced soon.